Dear sfepy users and developers,

I am using sfepy for solving an 2D inclusion elastic problem. So, I implemented based on "linear_elasticity/prestress_fibres" example in interactive way. However, the prestress in my problem is not constant, so I manually assign values.
I have two questions:
1. why when the integral order is 3, the array shape of prestress.datas[('Omega', 'i')][0]['val'] is (nx*ny,4,3,1), so when I assign by prestress_value, I have to make it the same shape. If change integral order to 1, the shape changes to (nx*ny,8,3,1), why?
2. When I use mesh smaller than 70*70, no problem. When 90*90 very slow. When 120*120 "MemoryError" comes out.
Thanks a lot.
My codes and errors are as follow: