Is anybody pursuing parallelization at this point? Any hints about how that might be done? I'd be interested in contributing. I've got some experience with pypar (openmpi python wrapper), but not sure how sfepy would need to be modified to make that work.


On Tuesday, March 19, 2013 5:17:49 AM UTC-6, Ankit Mahato wrote:
Hi everyone,

Here is the full text version of the Ideas as Robert requested:

#1 Parallelization

I went through the mailing list wherein it has been mentioned that SfePy can support multicore via numpy/scipy multicore support, but compute cluster support is not available which requires knowledge of MPI. So we can add computing cluster support where jobs need to communicate with each other and exploit the high performance computing in order to make it scalable. In Python it can be done using mpi4py module.