Hi I ran the thermal_electric example in the multiphysics folder using simple.py. I got the following error messages during execution:

sfepy: ====== time 0.000000e+00 (step  1 of 11) =====
sfepy: initial residual evaluation failed, giving up...
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\sfepy\simple.py", line 170, in <module>
  File "C:\sfepy\simple.py", line 167, in main
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\applications\application.py", line 29, in call_basic
    return self.call(**kwargs)
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\applications\pde_solver_app.py", line 220, in call
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\solvers\ts_solvers.py", line 337, in __call__
    state = self.solve_step(ts, state0, nls_status=nls_status)
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\solvers\ts_solvers.py", line 374, in solve_step
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\solvers\ts_solvers.py", line 185, in make_implicit_step
    vec_r = ev.eval_residual(state(), is_full=True)
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\discrete\evaluate.py", line 54, in eval_residual
    vec_r = self.problem.equations.eval_residuals(vec)
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\discrete\equations.py", line 679, in eval_residuals
    self.evaluate(mode='weak', dw_mode='vector', asm_obj=out)
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\discrete\equations.py", line 615, in evaluate
    term_mode=term_mode, asm_obj=asm_obj)
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\discrete\equations.py", line 832, in evaluate
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\terms\terms.py", line 1368, in evaluate
    fargs = self.call_get_fargs(_args, kwargs)
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\terms\terms.py", line 1233, in call_get_fargs
    fargs = self.get_fargs(*args, **kwargs)
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\terms\terms_electric.py", line 27, in get_fargs
    grad = self.get(parameter, 'grad')
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\terms\terms.py", line 1082, in get
    is_trace=self.arg_traces[name], bf=bf)
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\discrete\variables.py", line 1634, in evaluate
    vec = self(step=step, derivative=time_derivative, dt=dt)
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\discrete\variables.py", line 1152, in __call__
    % (self.name, step))
ValueError: data of variable are not set! (phi_known, step 0)

Do you know what is causing this error?

Also, could anyone provide a sample output for all the sfepy examples? That would be of great help.

 - Nikhil