Hello everyone,

I am new to Sfepy and to Finite Element Analysis. I am currently trying to solve a contact problem between two bodies to the find the displacement and the stress.
The first body is a hemisphere (could be other shape-later on) and the second body is any free-form shape. 
The second body is fixed and there is a specified displacement boundary condition on the first body.
That is all regarding the problem definition and the boundary conditions. 

I have seen few examples in the gallery section sfepy website and I found an example of Contact Sphere, Contact plane and an example with displacement boundary condition. 
But in all these examples, there is always one mesh and consequently one domain where we can define our boundary regions and solve the PDE. 
But in my case, I have two mesh as I cannot combine them. If I can combine them as one mesh, I can solve the problem but I cannot do that. 

So, how would I progress with this problem. I have two mesh, so I will have two different domain and them use it to define regions. Now the problem arises where should I define the field variable. What I understand that there will be two different field variable based on two domain but I am not sure how to use sfepy to solve such a problem.

Could someone please guide me by an example of such a case where contact between multiple bodies is done with multiple mesh being used. I have tried and I am unable to come up with a proper way to use sfepy with this problem.

Thanks a lot.