yep. you are right. thank you.


2015-06-04 17:31 GMT+08:00 Robert Cimrman <>:
On 06/04/2015 04:27 AM, Kid Guo wrote:
Maybe I can not express clearly,  I point out something that I don't
understand, you will know what I mean.I put the pictures in attachment
named figure 1-7.
1.From the figure 3 and figure 4.the stress is a constant,it worked.


2.From figure 2, the left boundary loaded a porewater pressure function and
the right loaded a pressure--a constant equal 1000.but the figure 2 show
the right pressure is 0.

No, look at the scale (range of pressure in the colorbar in left-unequal-right_pore.png) - 1000 is about 100x smaller than the max. pressure (about 1e5), so it looks blueish. But its blue is lighter then the blue for the zero. Try to rerun that with a higher constant, e.g. 1e5 :)

3.From figure 6 and 7. if the value in two function is equal,both they are
p=p2=9.8*10e3*z, it worked,we can see it from the figure 6.but if it is
unequal, p2=9.8*10e2*z, the figure 7 show the right pressure is 0.

I guess it is the same here.


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