Hi all,
  I am new in sfepy. I have installed sfepy in my window 8 with python(x,y) successfully and tested all examples. Everything is fine with that. But, as the subject indicated, I got errors when  running  solve_pde(’its2D_2.py’) of in interactive mode of ipython(sh).

  I follow the instructions at http://sfepy.org/doc-devel/installation.html#using-ipython to customize  ipython. When I followed the instruction from 4.5.1 Running Sfepy in interactive mode to run "pb, state = solve_pde(’its2D_2.py’)" , I got the error: "ImportError: no module named its2D_2" as shown in the figure below.  

Any ideas?   Thanks very much in advance.

My system is window 8 and  python(x,y) installed is with packages of  pyparsing-2.0.2.win32-py2.7,umfpackpy_0.2 and msysGit-netinstall-1.9.2.

 I install sfepy at C:/sfepy/  using git bash:

git clone git://github.com/sfepy/sfepy.git