ok, with pythonxy, everything turns messy. so far no result except error.
with EBD, setup runs after removing the following red line from setup.py -

        setup(name = 'sfepy',
              maintainer = "Robert Cimrman",
              maintainer_email = "cimr...@ntc.zcu.cz",
              description = DOCLINES[0],
              long_description = "\n".join(DOCLINES[2:]),
              url = "http://sfepy.org",
              download_url = DOWNLOAD_URL,
              license = 'BSD',
              classifiers = filter(None, CLASSIFIERS.split('\n')),
              platforms = ["Linux", "Mac OS-X", 'Windows'],
              scripts = main_scripts,
              cmdclass = cmdclass,
              configuration = configuration)
on this line,setup terminates and declares bad descriptor error.
so far no successful result yet.