El viernes, 31 de julio de 2015, 20:05:49 (UTC+2), Robert Cimrman escribió:
On 07/31/2015 07:08 PM, Patricia Garcia Cañadilla wrote:
> Yes, version 2015.2
> Sorry, what is happening now is that is not working the time_stepper
> solver, so, only solve the first iteration and stops when before I could do
> the 100 iterations. I think that maybe you change something in  the time
> solvers in this last version, isn't?

Some things were changed so that the time stepping solvers can be used

> This is how my simulation end:
> sfepy: reading mesh [line2, tri3, quad4, tetra4, hexa8]
> (/Users/Patricia/Documents/sfepy-2014.3/meshes/2D/realcell_mesh_22.mesh)...
> sfepy: ...done in 0.05 s
> sfepy: nls: iter: 0, residual: 0.000000e+00 (rel: 0.000000e+00)

So the initial time is in equilibrium?

Yes, the initial state is in equilibrium.  
> I'be tried to move again to version 2014.3 and I couldn't since I got
> compilation errors in cmesh modul :(

That should work - try removing the "build" directory and running "python
setup.py clean --all" 

I did it, but when I build again the version 2014.3 give me errors of cpython compiler in cmesh module...


> El viernes, 31 de julio de 2015, 18:57:11 (UTC+2), Robert Cimrman escribió:
>> Hi Patricia,
>> On 07/31/2015 05:10 PM, Patricia Garcia Cañadilla wrote:
>>> Hi!
>>> I was runnind some code under sfepy2014.3 version and today I've
>> upgraded
>>> to 2015.3 and now my simulations only do 1 iteration and stop when it
>>> should do 100 hundred. Why?
>> You mean 2015.2, right? Could you send an example to this list? Your
>> description does not provide any hints on what exactly does not work.
>> r.