I'm extremely interested in this project. It's pretty amazing.
I tried to subscribe to 'mailing list' but after 2 tries I didn't get any email instructions. If you can help out that would be great.

Also, quick question. Can I model about 1-2M tet-elements (starting with very simplest linear elast) on an Intel i7 with 32G ram and a pair of new Nvidia RTX 2060s (or 2080)?
Let's say it's a structure like this (below). I wrote my own code to generate these meta-structures from STL surfaces.
alcoa mgon bracket.png
Linked below is another structure in our new 3D interactive viewer:
Note that it can take some time to load and look 'stuck' at 100%. Just wait a minute it will load.

Thank you very much for this great work, and looking forward to participating/contributing.
Please let me know how we can support your work. Visit abemis.com to learn more about what we are working on.

Best regards,
Todd Doehring, Ph.D.

 Todd Doehring, Ph.D.
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