Yes - let's do it. I suggest rewriting certain sections though to make it more formal and clearer - and revisiting some of the figures. I'd also like to include sections on modeling using abaqus and another on paraview post-processing.

Unfortunately my gmsh is down at the moment - it's a bugger to recompile :) 


On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 9:21 AM, Robert Cimrman <> wrote:
Great! Do you think we should include somehow the primer into the sphinx docs? It's really a very nice document showing lots of features.


On 07/27/11 15:37, Andre Smit wrote:
Sounds good - I'll update the Primer accordingly.


On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 4:46 AM, Robert Cimrman<>  wrote:

Yes, it is.

Now you need to explicitly write the term evaluation mode other than 'eval'
which is the default. So the fix is:

   strain = ev('de_cauchy_strain.2.Omega(**u)', mode='el_avg')
   stress = ev('de_cauchy_stress.2.Omega(**Asphalt.D, u)', mode='el_avg')

You can also add verbose=False to suppress output, if you wish.

The term evaluation modes are:

'eval' : evaluate the integral over a region, result has dimension like the
quantity integrated

'el_avg' : element average - result is array of the quantity is averaged in
each element of a region - this is the mode for postprocessing

'qp' : quantity interpolated into quadrature points of each element in a

'weak' : assemble either the vector or matrix according to dw_mode

Look at ProblemDefinition.evaluate() doc to see description of all the

Currently, not all terms support all the modes, one needs to look at the
sources =:) But all dw_* terms support 'weak' mode, all 'dq_*' term support
'eval' mode, 'de_*' term support 'el_avg' mode etc. Actually most 'dq_*',
'de_*', 'di_*', 'd_' terms support 'eval', 'el_avg' and 'qp' modes.

The prefixes are due to history when the mode argument was not available,
so now they are mostly redundant, but at least one as a notion what is the
evaluation purpose of each term. They may disappear after some more term
unification. easier_terms branch already resulted in a number of terms

So, that's how things are now :)


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