I am trying to use a "parameter" field variable in interactive mode. What I am trying to do is very similar to the thermo-elaticity example, but for some reason I cannot make it work in interactive mode. 

In the thermo-elasticity example the parameter field variable is defined as follows 

def get_temperature_load(ts, coors, region=None):
    Temperature load depends on the `x` coordinate.
    x = coors[:, 0]
    return (x - x.min())**2 - T0

fields = {
    'displacement': ('real', 3, 'Omega', 1),
    'temperature': ('real', 1, 'Omega', 1),

variables = {
    'u' : ('unknown field', 'displacement', 0),
    'v' : ('test field', 'displacement', 'u'),
    'T' : ('parameter field', 'temperature',
           {'setter' : 'get_temperature_load'}),

equations = {
    'balance_of_forces' :
    """dw_lin_elastic.2.Omega( solid.D, v, u )
     - dw_biot.2.Omega( solid.alpha, v, T )
     = 0""",

In interactive mode this is what I am doing the following:

field_p = Field.from_args('fp', nm.float64, 1, omega,


press_load = Function('press_load',get_pressure_load)

press = FieldVariable('pressure','parameter',field_p,special={'setter':press_load},


And the corresponding term:

t20 = Term.new('dw_laplace(matalpha.k, q, press)',

                   integral, omega, matalpha=matalpha, q=q, press=press)

But this does not work.

Any thoughts?