I am trying to solve a simple incompressible steady flow in a pipe. Attached are the setup file and mesh. I want to specify a inlet velocity and an outlet pressure. But I get the following error when I do so:

sfepy: left over: ['verbose', '__builtins__', '__file__', 'absolute_import', '__name__', 'data_dir', '__package__', '_filename', '__doc__']
sfepy: reading mesh [line2, tri3, quad4, tetra4, hexa8] (C:\Users\310246696\OneDrive - Philips\Thesis_Work\sfepy_testcase\pipe_flow_test\test_p.mesh)...
sfepy: ...done in 0.01 s
sfepy: creating regions...
sfepy:     Omega
sfepy:     Outlet
sfepy:     Inlet
sfepy:     Walls
sfepy: ...done in 0.03 s
sfepy: equation "balance":
sfepy: + dw_div_grad.i2.Omega( fluid.viscosity, v, u )
       + dw_convect.i2.Omega( v, u )
       - dw_stokes.i1.Omega( v, p ) = 0
sfepy: equation "incompressibility":
sfepy: dw_stokes.i1.Omega( u, q ) = 0
sfepy: using solvers:
                ts: no ts
               nls: newton
                ls: ls
sfepy: updating variables...
sfepy: ...done
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\sfepy\simple.py", line 170, in <module>
  File "C:\sfepy\simple.py", line 167, in main
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\applications\application.py", line 29, in call_basic
    return self.call(**kwargs)
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\applications\pde_solver_app.py", line 217, in call
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\solvers\ts_solvers.py", line 52, in init_time
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\discrete\problem.py", line 629, in time_update
    functions, create_matrix, is_matrix)
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\discrete\problem.py", line 587, in update_equations
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\discrete\equations.py", line 287, in time_update
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\discrete\variables.py", line 413, in equation_mapping
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\discrete\variables.py", line 1458, in equation_mapping
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\discrete\conditions.py", line 129, in canonize_dof_names
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\discrete\conditions.py", line 190, in canonize_dof_names
    self.dofs[0] = _canonize(self.dofs[0], dofs)
  File "C:\sfepy\sfepy\discrete\conditions.py", line 150, in _canonize
    vname, dd = dofs.split('.')
ValueError: need more than 1 value to unpack

Commercial simulation tools, e.g. Starccm+ allow the definition of velocity inlet and pressure outlet conditions simultaneously. I would like to do the same with SfePy. Is this possible?

Best regards,