Hi everyone,

I am a new user of sfepy, i need it to compute the diffusions equations on a turbine blade. But i am a little lost with the boundary conditions. I have tried to impose some dirichlet boundary conditions on some points of the edges of the airfoil but it keeps crashing with exceptions.
For example in my .mesh file i have this at the line where my point is defined

0.1   0.5   25
(x)     (y)

So I have written this in the region definition

regions = {
    'Omega' : 'all',
    'point25' : ('vertices of group 25', 'edge'),

I have tried before with :

refions = {
    'Omega' : 'all',
    'extrados' : ('vertices in (y>0.1) ', 'facet'),    
    'intrados' : ('vertices in (y<0)', 'facet'),

and it was giving resuls (it was only for test purpose)

I don't understand very well how to define the boundary conditions (and to be honest the hole configuration file despite the documentation)

So if somebody could help me, i would be grateful !


Nicolas DELAN