I have a problem with a simulation including non lineal material.The problem involves a cantilever beam. The free end is moved 20 mm in X direction. I have compared the results with Ansys. The stresses are different, in particular at the pastification zone. 

Yield point of the material
Relastic = 130 MPa, 
Epsilon elastic =0.00173  

The material is bilinear, it has two slopes, young 1 and young2. The slope changes in the yield point.
The no linear material function is based on calculating the strains in every cell. It is assigned the second young modulus for those strains higher than epsilon elastic. If lower, first young modulus is set.

You can find attached the files and comparison. The picture with the comparison has the same scale, so the colours represent the same stress range.

My doubts are the next:
1-I am not sure if the material definition is right. Can you confirm this for me?
2-Order of the stress strain evaluation, I set it to 3 because it provides the closest results.
3-The output file .vtk contains only nodal solution. How to get the elemental solution as well?

Jesus Sanz