Hi,I am trying to install sfepy from http://sfepy.org/doc-devel/installation.html#table-of-contents,and when  I got to this step(step 6) in 

Steps to Get a Working SfePy on Windows Using Python(x,y),I got an error,like this

 Administrator@DELL /c/sfepy
$ python setup.py build_ext --inplace --compiler=mingw32
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "setup.py", line 111, in <module>
    package_check('tables', INFO.PYTABLES_MIN_VERSION)
  File "c:\sfepy\build_helpers.py", line 311, in package_check
    raise RuntimeError(msgs['missing'] % pkg_name)
RuntimeError: Cannot import package "tables" - is it installed? 

Then I reinstall but it also existed.What happend?What should I do?

Could you please give me some help. Thanks.

Kid guo