Here is the result of the check you ask me to do:

# mayavi2 --version
Mayavi 3.3.0

In [1]: from import MlabSceneModel
In [2]: m=MlabSceneModel()
In [3]: m.scene.mayavi_scene
AttributeError                            Traceback (most recent call last)

/home/ ...  /sfepy-release-2010.2/<ipython console> in <module>()
AttributeError: 'MlabSceneModel' object has no attribute 'mayavi_scene'

If version 3.3.0 is recent enough I guess it has not been install properly ...
I am going to check that.

> This is strange - maybe the old mayavi was not properly uninstalled?
> Actually, I use:
> $ mayavi2 --version
> Mayavi 3.3.1
> In ipython (or regular Python shell) the following should work:
> In [1]: from import MlabSceneModel
> In [2]: m = MlabSceneModel()
> In [3]: m.scene.mayavi_scene
> Out[3]: <enthought.mayavi.core.scene.Scene object at 0x71e9590>
> Can you verify that?
> r.

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