I tried again to revive this idea on the new discourse python forum here



On 28/6/18 8:05 pm, Matti Picus wrote:
I would be interested in getting this going as well

The runner machine is managed through the python chef repo https://github.com/python/psf-chef repo under the role "python-speed".

I can think of two ways to have this run, one as a cron job added to  a recipe and then run via psf-chef/roles/python-speed.rb

The other would be to hook the runner machine into the buildbot infrastructure as a nightly "build" task, this is the way PyPy runs its benchmarks. The advantage to this method is that it would be trivial to link in other benchmarking hardware, they would simply appear as buildbot slaves.

A third, temporary way (until chef reconfigures the runner machine) would simply be to set up a cron job on the runner machine and call it a day, check back every couple of weeks that it is still running.
I could do this over the next few days just to get the data flowing

On 28/06/18 07:38, Victor Stinner wrote:
I'm not aware of any existing doc... Let me see:

* There are two servers: the runner and the web servers. Here I only
care about the runner who I run benchmarks.
* I automated all steps to run a benchmark in the "performance"
project. At the end, the command is just "python3 -m performance
compile_all ~/bench.conf". But for pratical reasons, I chose to clone
"perf" and "performance" repositories manually, and I updated them
manually as well.

To run benchmark, I open a SSH connection, open a screen, run
"./run_benchmarks.sh" and that's it.

My request would be to automate this in a cron tab.

I'm not aware of any automation for these servers: check many in
psf-salt and psf-chef projects. My notes about the Python infra:

I might share additional details with you in private. I'm not sure if
some parts of the infra should be kept secret or not :-)


2018-06-28 15:20 GMT+02:00 Andrii Soldatenko <andrii.soldatenko@gmail.com>:
Hi Viktor,

If you can point me to repo and docs, I can automate it.

On Jun 28, 2018, at 2:13 AM, Victor Stinner <vstinner@redhat.com> wrote:


FYI I'm still running *manually* "./run_benchmark.sh" in a screen on
the benchmark runner to sometimes upload new results to

Since Python 3.7.0 is going to be released, I ran benchmarks.

Results: https://speed.python.org/

Is there anyone interested to write a cron task to automate running

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