I am a novice, working on Python. I want to connect to Python modules from C++ codes in Visual Studio 2013. I am wrapping the C++ codes using Boost.Python. I have installed all the necessary files and specified paths to them from Visual Studio project properties. When I try to build my project in Visual Studio, it gives me a linking error as follows:


„LINK : fatal error LNK1104: Datei "python27.lib" kann nicht ge÷ffnet werden.(In German)


It says it can’t open the file. When I checked the Python directory I found that there is a “libpython27.a” file but not a “python27.lib” file. Could you please help me with this issue, whether I am missing a file or I am going in the wrong direction. Thanking you in anticipation. Eagerly awaiting your response.


Best regards,

Rohit Mukhedkar

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