Hi All,

 First of all I am a newb so please be gentle. I want to add a platform specific command to commands_pre. I followed the example so my tox.ini looks something like the following:

minversion = 2.0
envlist = full-{linux,macos,mswin}, nightly-{linux,macos,mswin}
skipsdist = True

# environment will be skipped if regular expression does not match against the sys.platform string
platform = linux: linux
           macos: darwin
           mswin: win32

commands_pre =
    linux: -bash -c 'some command here'

commands = {[testenv]commands} -k myspecificenv

The issue is that tox is being invoked with

tox -e myspecificenv

And this doesn't pick up the platform and this doesn't run the platform specific pre command.

I am probably looking at this wrong so please help.