Thank you Sorin and Bernat, for the clarification.
I will see if i can find a workaround, using the git actions setup for the installation or even docker..

Yes, i am using Ubuntu, some of my colleagues are on mac os using some quite old systems.. Most solvers are available on Mac as well, that is why i would like to use tox to run the testso

Since working with optimisation, i am quite aware that testing all options isn't possible.. But we do the best we can and I think Tox makes it very easy.

Thanks again for your quick help and for providing tox to the community!


From: Sorin Sbarnea <>
Sent: Friday, 19 February 2021 8:46 PM
To: Bernat Gabor <>
Cc: <>; Meike Moeckel <>
Subject: Re: [tox-dev] Re: install solvers via tox
Yep, tox will never do system level changes, is outside its scope. From some point of view it can even be considered against it scope (isolation).

While it does not install the missing system dependencies itself, you may still be interested about plugin.

That one identifies missing dependencies and fails the run if some are missing, making execution less confusing for the user.

Some CI/CD systems are able to install bindep dependencies automatically, like Zuul CI.
You could also write some ansible playbooks (or shell scripts) and run them if needed, that being another common approach.

Keep in mind that installing missing system dependencies is the kind of feature that keeps giving... bug reports. You can never have full coverage of all possible environments on which someone will try to run your code. Just be warned, saying this because I got hit by it myself.