Hi all,

the merged PRs start piling up, and we have a few new features but no backwards incompatibilities I would know of, so I bumped the minor version and pushed a dev version to my index: https://devpi.net/obestwalter/dev/tox/2.7.0.dev1

The pace of development and the complexity of the fixes do not justify to shower you with reams of text, so just have a look at the CHANGELOG and the referenced issues for details.

I will be using that version over the next week for my projects at work and release it next friday if everything stays quiet here.

The not yet merged PRs I would like to carry over into the next release as some feedback would still be appreciated about the changing of the default hook behaviours in https://github.com/tox-dev/tox/pull/450 and the setuptools_scm switch is nothing really urgent, so that does not have to go with 2.7 either.