On Nov 5, 2013, at 5:19 AM, Axel Rau <Axel.Rau@Chaos1.DE> wrote:

Am 05.11.2013 um 13:43 schrieb Axel Rau <Axel.Rau@chaos1.de>:

twisted does not start up. Interrupting it, gives
"exceptions.ImportError: cannot import name meteoFactory"

It seems to not find my modules:
    from meteo import meteoFactory
I assumed twistd looks relative to the tac file.
Giving twistd a --rundir option does not help either.

twistd is a python program, which means it finds modules based on the same rules Python uses for finding modules.

There are numerous ways you could adjust sys.path; you can use virtualenv, or set PYTHONPATH, or just sys.path.append within the tac file itself.