Hi guys,

On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 9:48 PM, George Pauly <george@ringdevelopment.com> wrote:
websockets is the way to go.
I'd like to additionally recommend txsockjs. It's a third party project that implements the server side for the SockJS protocol, which is basically "websockets, damnit!" for pretty much all browsers, all the way down to IE6, without Flash. On any browsers where WebSockets are well supported, SockJS just turns into WebSockets.

It supports operation directly as a protocol, as well as an IResource (which makes it easy to integrate with other webby stuff. Works a charm over TLS, too.

Oh, and it's maintained by nice people, so if you have a patch or something, it has a pretty good chance of getting in.

For some reason, Fugiman/sockjs-twisted is missing, but DesertBus/sockjs-twisted is still going strong. The former is still what the PyPI page refers to though. No idea what's going on there :)