On 01:46 pm, p.mayers@imperial.ac.uk wrote:

>Do the nevow rend.Page and athena.LivePage co-operate with the t.p.u.reload


>For various reasons I don't want to stop the process to reload the changes
>I've made to disk and .py templates, but would like to be able to reload

Disk templates do not contain python code and therefore do not need to be integrated with t.p.u.rebuild.  They already load automatically based on modification time.

.py files are a much more intricate problem.


Rebuild is a nice idea, but a lot more work would need to be done to make it work reliably (or rather, fail gracefully and report sane errors when it *can't* work reliably).  Getting this to work properly really has nothing to do with nevow, although nevow does exacerbate some problems with it.

I'd recommend just manually restarting the server during development for now.