Hi all,

I've just released Nevow 0.12.0[1]; this release will primarily be of interest to Athena users, as the Athena runtime system now handles Internet Explorer versions newer than IE7 (a long overdue fix).

I would greatly appreciate it if any Athena users could give this version a try, and either report any problems encountered, or report that your application is working successfully. The changes to the runtime system are fairly extensive, and it is possible that some application-level breakage may result. Originally this was going to be an rc1 version, but it turns out that a lot of the version handling code can't tolerate rc versions, so instead I'll just promise to follow up with a 0.12.1 very quickly if it proves to be necessary.

There are a few other fixes included, see the changelog[2] for more details.

[1] https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Nevow/0.12.0

[2] https://github.com/twisted/nevow/blob/nevow-0.12.0/NEWS.txt#L1-L17