Hey I believe twisted is developed in a way that it can only use one processor at a time. As process scheduling is part of operating system it can only schedule one twisted reactor based application on one processor. For taking advantage of multiple processor you can use fork, but then it is not twisted way of doing stuff,, i am a new bie in twisted world, so comments are appreciated. Moreover I think twisted is similar to C select for tcp server


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I operate Omegle (http://omegle.com/), which is a COMET-driven
Twisted.Web app. (It doesn't use Nevow or anything; just Twisted.Web.)
It gets fairly heavy traffic; right now, it peaks daily at around 6500
concurrent users. Technical details:

You should write a success story! I've used Omegle when the boredom hits hard.

- Hosted on a Linode 2880 virtual private server
(https://www.linode.com/); Ubuntu, 2880 MB of RAM, 4 cores available
- EPollReactor

Omegle currently runs at close to 100% CPU for most of the day, and
I'm a bit concerned about that.

Try use the standard reactor instead of epoll. I found a similar problem when I switched my product to the epoll reactor, the cpu usage problem went away when I reverted back to the normal reactor.

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