On behalf of  Twisted Matrix Laboratories, I am pleased to announce the release of
Twisted 13.1.

Highlights for this release include:

  * trial now has an --exitfirst flag which stops the test run after the first error or failure.

  * twisted.internet.ssl.CertificateOptions now supports chain certificates.

  * twisted.conch.endpoints.SSHCommandClientEndpoint is a new IStreamClientEndpoint
    which supports connecting a protocol to the stdio of a command running on a remote host
    via an SSH connection.

  * twisted.web.xmlrpc.QueryProtocol now generates valid Authorization headers for long user
    names and passwords.

  * twisted.internet.endpoints.connectProtocol allows connecting to a client endpoint using only
    a protocol instance, rather than requiring a factory.

For more information, see the NEWS file here:

Download it now from:
  http://pypi.python.org/packages/source/T/Twisted/Twisted-13.1.0.tar.bz2 or

Many thanks to Tom Prince and Thomas Hervé, whose work on release-process and answers
to numerous questions made this release possible.
Thanks also to the supporters of the Twisted Software Foundation and to the many contributors
for this release.