Thank you for the responses.  Specifying the bound instance method as the callback works.  (I remember it did not work for me many months ago, hence my post).  Works now.


--- On Sat, 6/4/11, A Desai <> wrote:

From: A Desai <>
Subject: Class methods as callbacks/errbacks
Date: Saturday, June 4, 2011, 9:31 PM

I use a wrapper functions as follows to specify the callback argument of addCallback() and addErrback().

def reqConnLostCallbk(result, arg_self):

def reqConnLostErrbk(failure, arg_self):

... inside a class method
    d.addCallback(reqConnLostCallbk, self)
    d.addErrback(reqConnLostErrbk, self)

    def lost_conn(self):
        // cleanup

Is there an alternative and/or cleaner solution to specify a class method as a callback or errback?