Thans You!

I found same solution, but to another problem like this.

Channel class:
class SFTPChannel(channel.SSHChannel):
    name = 'session'
    _sftp = defer.Deferred()
    # defer =

    def channelOpen(self, _):
        d = self.conn.sendRequest(self, 'subsystem', common.NS('sftp'), wantReply=True)
        self.conn.sftp_channel_defer = d.addCallbacks(self._cbSFTP)

    def _cbSFTP(self, result):
        self.client = FileTransferClient()
        self.dataReceived = self.client.dataReceived

    def get_file(self, *args):
	print args

Use in exteral module
m = connection.sftp_channel._sftp.addCallback(connection.sftp_channel.get_file, *['./222/test.txt', '/root/freeswitch_37_17.tar']) m.addCallback(self._cbFileRCopy) m.addErrback(self._ebFileRCopy)
I think, if set some defer in SSHChannel in
     def channelOpen(self, data):
         self.conn.sendRequest(self, 'exec', common.NS(self.command), wantReply=True).addCallback(self._gotResponse)
	 self._chennel_defer = Defered()
and in
     def dataReceived(self, data):
         self._chennel_defer = some_def()
But in this case one channel = one command = one respons 29.07.15 11:56, Glyph пишет:
On Jul 28, 2015, at 10:02 PM, Alexey Panyovin <> wrote:
I'm use self made queue for my task. I'll try to amp. Thanks glyph!
Good luck Alexey!  Thanks for using Twisted!
Please feel free to ask any more questions you have about using AMP.
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