On Thu, Feb 25, 2021 at 7:03 PM Craig Rodrigues <rodrigc@crodrigues.org> wrote:

On Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 5:30 AM Richard van der Hoff <richard@matrix.org> wrote:

As it happens, it also fails (for an import of typing.Deque) on Python 3.5.3, as used by Debian oldstable.

Craig, what is your intention here? I think it's ok to drop support for these ancient versions of Python 3.5, but please could you make sure that python_requires gets set to 3.5.10 if that's what's been tested against?

Sigh.  I can confirm that typing.Deque does not import on Python 3.5.2.

I took an inventory of our CI, and realized that the minimum version we are testing is 3.5.4 on Azure.

Can you review this which bumps the minimum version to Python 3.5.4:

Once I get that in, I will cherry pick it to the release branch and push out the 21.2.0 release.


As you can see by this review comment: 

Thomas Grainger and Adi Roiban have worked together to bump up the minimum Python version to 3.5.3 for this
release ( https://github.com/twisted/twisted/pull/1524 ), and are not approving the PR that I have submitted
in PR 1525.  Even though you approved PR 1525, I cannot merge it because only PR reviews by people with
write access to the Twisted repo can be merged to the Twisted repo.

I am going to proceed with the release as-is with Python 3.5.3 as the minimum version.  I hope that is OK for your needs.