On 29 May 2017, at 20:25, Glyph <glyph@twistedmatrix.com> wrote:

Hyperlink is a bit of a weird case, in that its highly general nature meant that a more general org (hyper) made more sense to adopt it, but we are in the process of setting the project up and as I've discussed with Cory and Mahmoud it will probably have commit from most Twisted folks as well.  While this one isn't living in the Twisted org, the python-hyper org takes its compatibility contract equally, if not more seriously.

To elaborate on this: ordinarily, when adopting a project, hyper will grant anyone with “write” permission on an original personal repo “admin” on it when it’s migrated (because personal repos don’t allow more than one admin, and this is usually what people want). Additionally, anyone who has committed but has no specific elevated privileges is granted “write” on that repo. Naturally, this is done after ensuring that branches are appropriately protected.

However, acknowledging the unique case of a library pulled out of Twisted, an extra step will be taken, which is that all Twisted committers will be invited to hyper and given “admin” on hyperlink. This takes us closest to the original set of owners and permissions while also ensuring that this doesn’t seem like a coup or like Twisted committers will not be empowered to change their minds. If anyone ever feels unsatisfied with the stewardship of hyper, well, you’ll all have admin privileges and be able to move the repo away again. ;)

However, there is at least an unofficial agreement amongst all projects split from Twisted that they will adhere to largely the same compatibility policy as Twisted itself.  In the case of Hyperlink, it is specifically documented as going above and beyond: http://hyperlink.readthedocs.io/en/latest/design.html#origins-and-backwards-compatibility.

We have no plans to change this documentation, which means it’ll remain the policy of the library.