Great news.  I'd be happy to move the mailing lists over to let someone else maintain their infrastructure.  Particularly if we could get off of Mailman 2, which has been no fun to maintain.

Many personal email addresses of core team members (including, um, this one) are forwarded by our mail hosting provider, Mailgun, and so moving the MX records directly is a non-starter, but we could easily point at, or we could just use addresses and be quite happy. would be very cool.  We could also maintain a forwarding alias for compatibility for a little while, but I'd kinda rather deprecate posting to for a couple of other reasons anyway.

Do we have a way to get our pipermail archive URLs (which are linked in tickets, in source code, etc) to redirect to the fancy new hyperkitty interface, or should those just be static HTML?  (I'm kinda fine with either, honestly, although the former would be nice if we can manage it easily.)

I am happy to coordinate off-list about a secure way to exchange these data files (or anyone with administrator access to Dornkirk can just do it directly).  Please send the announcement of the new address here first so we know when to cut over posting, and so that folks aren't surprised to see a new list-id.

(At this point I think I'm happy to just nuke twisted-web as part of this migration; we can keep the archive up as static HTML for posterity, but it's mostly unused at this point, and the distinction doesn't make sense.)


On Aug 2, 2021, at 12:56 AM, Thomas Grainger <> wrote:

Apologies I meant to forward this mail instead:

On 8/1/21 1:16 PM, Thomas Grainger wrote:

The twisted ( ) web hosting provider is winding
down and we're looking for a new home.

Would it be possible to move our mailing lists and archives onto the infrastructure?

These are the current lists

If you can get me copies of Mailman's lists/twisted-python/config.pck
and lists/twisted-web/config.pck configuration files and
archives/private/twisted-python.mbox/twisted-python.mbox and
archives/private/twisted-web.mbox/twisted-web.mbox archive mailboxes, I
can import these on

The twisted-web list seems pretty inactive currently, but twisted-python
seems fairly active. Ideally we can arrange a time for you to shut down
the lists and get me the files and get the lists up on
Otherwise, if the lists are still operational while I'm getting the
files and doing the imports, messages and perhaps other changes will be
lost, although it is possible to import additional messages to the
archives after the fact.

I will be available to do this during the next two weeks, but I will not
be available for the rest of August and the first two weeks of September.

Thomas Grainger

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