Hi Twistors,

In case you missed it, we have now finally actually done something with twisted.org - thanks to Thomas Grainger, the top level of the domain is a Github Pages public site, which means you can contribute to it with fairly standard tools if you are so inclined!  The repo is here: https://github.com/twisted/twisted.github.io.

Trac will get migrated to new hardware somehow, volunteers are hard at work on that, but we should really move all the content that is hosted, for example, on the front page of twistedmatrix.com out of a trac wiki entirely, and into a more contributor-friendly space.  This new domain is an opportunity to do that.

If you have a vision for what you'd like a clean, modern Twisted website to look like, well, you're only a PR away from achieving your dream.  And if you just love website implementation but don't care about realizing your own vision (???), a literal straight port of the existing design into static HTML via some processor like Pelican so that others could contribute content would be much appreciated as well :-).