In twisted a polling loop usually translates into either a system of reactor.callLaters or a twisted.internet.task.LoopingCall.

Either like this this:

    def __init__(self,oaf,interval=600):
    def checkSystem(self):

or like this:

    def __init__(self,oaf,interval=600):

When I wrote what may be a similar system I actually set it up to refresh only when a client requested the output and the local copy was out of date, so you may actually prefer that approach.

-Andy Fundinger

On Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 9:52 PM, Robert Hancock <> wrote:
I have a process that takes a list of URLs, uses client.getPage() to
retrieve the data, writes the contents to disk, and then moves the
file to another directory.

  # get feed list - this is a list tuples
   # url, name, username, password
   url_tuples = feed_list(feed_file)

   global C_URLS
   d =  defer.succeed(log_start(log))

   for tup_url in url_tuples:
       C_URLS += 1

       d.addCallback(get_page, tup_url)
       d.addErrback(get_page_error, tup_url[0])

       d.addCallback(page_to_file, tup_url)


       #d.addErrback(self.gotError, (feed[0], 'while stopping'))

I want to put this into a loop and run it as a daemon, but the looping
is causing me a problem.  I've tried making the above into a procedure
(minus the stop working call back and  and it does not
run.  Any suggestions on how to encapsulate this into loop would be
gratefully appreciated.

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