We are looking for a consultant or part-time employee with experience using Python/Twisted.  We want to expand our team of developers working on our project, and have embraced Python/Twisted for some core components of our system.  We are using Python/Twisted to interface with a variety of sensor and control equipment, and provide a REST/JSON web services interface to our upper layers of software.  We’re needing some additional resources to complete new features on the codebase, and then to also re-use the pattern to support a new set of sensors and control. We have a senior developer who has done all of the core Python development who is available for support and discussions about the code.

The current need is for a part-time developer/consultant (hourly) to work on some specific enhancement tasks.  The position and requirement is ongoing, and could evolve into a full time position as we grow and close additional funding.

Please contact me at this email address.

Scott C. Lemon