On 28/02/2021 07:38, Craig Rodrigues wrote:

Thomas Grainger and Adi Roiban have worked together to bump up the minimum Python version to 3.5.3 for this
release ( https://github.com/twisted/twisted/pull/1524 ), and are not approving the PR that I have submitted
in PR 1525.  Even though you approved PR 1525, I cannot merge it because only PR reviews by people with
write access to the Twisted repo can be merged to the Twisted repo.

I am going to proceed with the release as-is with Python 3.5.3 as the minimum version.  I hope that is OK for your needs.

It looks to me like https://github.com/twisted/twisted/pull/1524 sets the minimum python version to 3.5.4, so I think we're good and #1525 should just be closed as a duplicate.

Thanks for getting the release out!