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Given that it already exists, I'm not sure it makes much sense to delete it.
Perhaps some folks prefer a workflow that is command-line oriented rather
than web-browser based.

I don't really feel very strongly about it, though.

I guess we should do two things, really:

1. remove it from the onboarding documentation so there are fewer choices /
things to learn when getting started

2. *add it* to some documentation for itself, so that people know how to use

While in its current state it isn't really useful to me, I would _love_ to
be able to use this to spin off some tests ... if I could then view their
output on the command line as well, and not just have to hit a browser
immediately anyway :).

Here are my improvements:


Please, please merge
https://github.com/twisted/twisted-dev-tools/pull/4 or

I've merged 4.

I also wanted to update the tools to show status in command line and
run a specific test/tests just like you would run trial on local
system (without -b) ... but for next ticket.

That would be amazing; thank you.

For my project I have a similar tool which just runs a background
thread and pipes the output of last builbot web status log into the

I've wanted this for years :-D.

It is ok for test which take a few second, but for test that take
40minutes I found email notifications much useful.

Can you have the command line tool request those as well?