we (Tavendo) currently operate 2 Twisted/FreeBSD buildslaves:


a) FreeBSD 8.2, i386 with 1 builder (CPy 2.7)

=> part of the list of "officially supported" builders


b) FreeBSD 9.1, amd64 with 2 builders (CPy 2.7 and PyPy)

=> only listed under "unsupported"


We would like to change that into the following:


c) one FreeBSD amd64 host with 3 builders


c1) CPy 2.7 (supported)

c2) PyPy 2.2 (supported)

c3) PyPy Nightly (unsupported)


Here are some reasons:


- FreeBSD 8.2 is very old (read, unsupported) now, FreeBSD 10 is around the corner, and 9.2 the current official stable release

- i386 is .. getting obscure. Does _anybody_ run FreeBSD i386 anymore?

- there are ongoing workarounds to support that thing .. time that could be spent better

- we want to run a PyPy slave for the PyPy project on that same host (this allows to produce the PyPy/Nightlies .. on a daily basis .. and immediately run Twisted trials against that)

- someone needs to run a PyPy slave anyway .. the current one is broken

- the current Twisted 13.2 has run 100% clean on above b) (CPy) : http://buildbot.twistedmatrix.com/builders/freebsd-9.1-amd64-python2.7/builds/198


So, I'd like to ask Twisted developers if above makes sense, and you would support this way forward.


I've been in contact with PyPy developers, and there seems to be clear interest in improving support for both Twisted and FreeBSD (hence the cross-post).


In general, Tavendo is committed to contribute time & material making Twisted + CPy|PyPy + FreeBSD a combination fully (even better) supported and actually first-class in terms of features, compatibility and performance.


We think < Twisted + PyPy + FreeBSD > in particular has great potential and can provide an extremely powerful stack:


"The _complete_ power to serve."


.. stealing from FreeBSD's motto here - heh, and sorry the the marketing blurb .. I just couldn't resist;)