On Wed, Nov 29, 2017 at 3:29 PM, Mark Williams <mrw@enotuniq.org> wrote:
I just replaced the system PyPy from the PPA with Squeaky's portable
PyPy 5.9.0:

Thanks for installing this.

These are the test results before and after your change.

Before your change running PyPy 5.8.0:
FAILED (skips=2200, failures=5, errors=12, successes=9947)

After your change, running PyPy 5.9.0:


FAILED (skips=2200, failures=1, errors=12, successes=9951)

So with the PyPy upgrade, there is a small improvement in the number of Twisted tests which now pass with PyPy.

Did you install PyPy3 5.9.0 anywhere on the buildbots?
It would be good to have that running as well.