I ran across a PyCon APAC talk about this, and the speaker generously offered to write a blurb for our site, which I've posted here: https://twistedmatrix.com/trac/wiki/SuccessStories#BattlehouseGames

Battlehouse creates and operates massively-multiplayer strategy games for browser and desktop platforms. Our most popular titles are nearly 10 years old and have served over 4 million users.

Twisted plays an important role in our Python-based server stack. We use Twisted to handle many protocols including HTTP, WebSockets, and SQL. The asynchronous coroutine model helps us deliver low-latency gameplay without adding too much complexity to the codebase. Across 10 years of continuous evolution, Twisted has proven to be the most stable, well-documented, and flexible low-level networking library for Python.

-- Dan Maas, CTO, Battlehouse Games

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