On Sep 28, 2016, at 6:13 AM, Nursimulu, Khen <knursimu@ciena.com> wrote:

Is there a plan (or an implementation) to support gRPC within Twisted Python?   My understanding is that gRPC is built using Futures and creates its own threads for all its event handling.  There is also a gRPC Python package (grpcio 1.0.0) that is available for python 2.7.    In order to use gRPC with Twisted Python in 2.7 is the only way to have gRPC run in its own thread?

There's no plan that I'm aware of.  You could definitely run gRPC in a thread currently, although it would be nice if grpc worked natively with Twisted.

Probably contributing this upstream into the gRPC project would be the best way to start, and if they're not receptive, starting a separate 'txgRPC' project.