On Jun 6, 2010, at 4:18 PM, Christopher Armstrong wrote:

We don't want to have any more transport-specific methods on the
reactor, and this has nothing to do with ZMQ. We also don't want to
have connectSOCKS, or listenSerialPort. Fortunately, the endpoints
API[1] was very recently merged to Twisted trunk, so any new
transport-specific connectors/listeners can be implemented in terms of
its interfaces. listenTCP and so forth should eventually be deprecated
in preference to the endpoints APIs.

While the endpoints APIs are great and everyone should use them, I think it's putting it a bit strongly to say that listenTCP and friends will be deprecated.  Reactors are still pluggable, and we'll need a mechanism for endpoints and reactors to communicate.  There may be some evolution of those APIs in the long term (in particular, the way that connectTCP interacts with client factories is slightly weird) but I think that there will always be something lower-level than endpoints that is still a public, supported API.

You just won't be encouraged to use that API at the *application* layer, because endpoints are more flexible.