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On 2/28/06, Jean-Paul Calderone <> wrote:
On Tue, 28 Feb 2006 10:59:50 -0800, Don Smith <> wrote:
>Yes, I'm sort of a Twisted newbie, so maybe this has an obvious answer, but
>I'm just not seeing it.
>I have a Twisted program that I need to add in the ability to make a client
>telnet connection to a remote server and send some commands to it and deal
>with the data received.
> [snip]
>This all works great, except that the command sequence is hard coded in the
>TelnetClient class. I want to be able to reference the "cmd" parameter,
>which could be a list of commands to iterate over,etc. But I don't see how I
>can access the "cmd" parameter that gets passed into the TelnetConnection
>class from within the TelnetClient class.
>I'm really desparate for some help, I've been racking my brain on this since
>yesterday morning.

The usual approach is to save the data (`cmd' in this case) on the factory and use `self.factory.stuff' from the protocol.  The `factory' attribute is set on the protocol class by the default `buildProtocol' implementation.  It is not available in the protocol's `__init__', but is available by the time `connectionMade' is called.


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