The previous thread was getting a little long, so I thought I'd start a new one...

I haven't made as much headway on this as I would have liked, but I'm just going to blame the US Thanksgiving holiday and hope no one looks too closely at the dates of the previous emails. ;)

Here's what I've done lately:

- The proposal [1] has been updated, with a number of minor spelling formatting fixes, and a detailed timeline for each phase of the project.  Please give feedback if you see anything missing from the timelines, anything you think should be done in a different order, or any other unaddressed issues.

- I've done a small amount of work on the lore2sphinx tool, and the new output of the conversion process is now online [2].  Not a lot changes, the only obviosu thing is that <img> tags are now handled.  The rest has been mostly refactoring and generally making the code easier to work with.

- I also did a bit of digging around in the Divmod SVN repository, and it looks like Nevow, Mantissa, and Epsilon are the only projects that have Lore source docs.  Can anyone out there verify that this is correct?  Did I miss anything?

I'll try to send out a progress report like this every week or so in order to avoid people thinking that I've lost interest or gotten hit by a bus.

Thanks for "listening"!

Kevin Horn