On Jun 30, 2016, at 21:19, Craig Rodrigues <rodrigc@crodrigues.org> wrote:


I tried to modify a Trac ticket, but when I tried to submit the changes,
I got a Captcha warning that prevented it.
When I clicked on the checkbox, "I am not a robot" and tried to re-submit,
the Captcha warning re-appeared and blocked the submission.

Can someone please fix this?

I've made you a Trac admin.  You can now go into https://twistedmatrix.com/trac/admin/spamfilter/monitor and classify your own posts as ham, which should prevent this from happening to you (or others!) in the future.  The way that this works is that you "delete as ham" any posts that are legit, and "delete as spam" any garbage.  There's quite a backlog since I've been at conferences and on vacation for a while, and I am the only one who looks at it with any regularity :-).


P.S.: Subtext: please look at this page occasionally and classify others posts as well...

P.P.S.: OK I guess it's just 'text' now, since I wrote it there.  Or, post-text, at the very least.

P.P.P.S.: Some out there might be thinking "do we really need a spam filter? won't github auth protect us?" and, ICYMI: no, it turns out that it doesn't, github definitely lets spammers in.  They do so at a lower rate than our process used to, but we tried deactivating the spam filter after migrating to github auth, and we definitely got some crap tickets.