I have not used it myself but this seems what you're looking for: http://twistedmatrix.com/documents/13.0.0/api/twisted.conch.ssh.transport.SSHTransportBase.html#supportedCiphers
I guess you need to subclass SSHTransport and give it the list of ciphers you want.


2013/10/29 Ray Cote <rgacote@appropriatesolutions.com>
I need to limit the ciphers offered for an ssh/sftp connection.

class ESFTPServerForUnixConchUser(SFTPServerForUnixConchUser):
    """Main local proxy class for file transfer access.

    Many methods are overriden to support file encryption and
    encrypted file name mappings.

    def __init__(self, avatar):
        """Initialize class with avatar representing user information"""
        SFTPServerForUnixConchUser.__init__(self, avatar)

I'm unclear as to how to restrict which ciphers to use at this level.

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