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On Jul 1, 2011, at 1:08 PM, chris wrote:

doing continuous development based on tools like 
svn and trac is really painful and it's really difficult to motivate 
yourself to work on a once rejected ticket

Can you be more specific, please?  What's painful?

Procedurally, it's almost the same number of clicks (except for the unfortunate need to type the word 'review') to do this on Github or Launchpad.  What part of the process is painful?  If you're not a committer, we're not going to let you run code on our buildbots either way without a cursory review (that's just a recipe for automated attacks) so it's not like you get past that step for free, either.

For me the pain isn't Trac, it's SVN.  The more I use DVCS's the more I hate it.

Also, Combinator does not work on Windows, and hasn't for years.  And before you say "submit patches", I did.  They sat in the Divmod Trac instance for over a year, I requested reviews of the relevant tickets _daily_ for 3 months on Divmod's IRC channel, and they were never merged, or even reviewed, or even AFAIK put under version control.  Now they're gone with the DIvmod site.

If the tickets are ever recoverable, they were tickets #3001-#3004.
Plus, you can use the DVCS of your choice to actually author the patch.

In theory, yes, though it is not obvious how to do this in a way that is compatible with Twisted's workflow and Combinator.

See http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/wiki/BazaarMirror for examples of some of the caveats of using DVCS on top of Subversion.

Granted this works for just authoring a patch, which you then submit through Trac or whatever, but that doesn't really buy you a lot, IMO (though it does buy you something).

Kevin Horn