On Dec 3, 2014, at 2:03 PM, Jason J. W. Williams <jasonjwwilliams@gmail.com> wrote:

Is anyone using the silverberg CQL (Cassandra) library for Twisted in production? Just curious what people's experience with it is, since it appears to be the most recently updated Twisted/CQL project.

On Wed, Dec 3, 2014 at 12:52 PM, Christopher Armstrong <radix@twistedmatrix.com> wrote:
Yes, we use it in production in the Rackspace Otter project: https://github.com/rackerlabs/otter 

The particular file we most use it in is here: https://github.com/rackerlabs/otter/blob/master/otter/models/cass.py#L530 — the connection attribute of that class is a silverberg client.

I’ve not personally touched that code but I know we've been using it in production for about a year.

On Dec 29, 2014, at 1:11 PM, Jason J. W. Williams <jasonjwwilliams@gmail.com> wrote:

Thanks radix. I noticed the README says Python >= 2.7 is a pre-req but the changelog for 0.1.7 says "fixed incompatibility with Python 2.6". Are y'all running it with 2.6 or 2.7?

Otter runs on Python 2.7. It looks like builds are run against 2.6 on Travis CI, but they’re in “allowed to fail” mode — but still passing 100%.