I did not say contributing shouldn't be easier; I said getting more
contributions is pointless (and annoying to contributors!) if we can't
manage to get them incorporated into trunk. If DVCS will make code easier
to incorporate, by encouraging contributors to iterate on patches, then we
should certainly do so. Given the feedback you and others have given that
seems at least worth trying.

My apologies if I misunderstood what you were saying. If we can make it easier to iterate that would address 95% of my current frustrations with the process of contributing.
There are other additional things we should work on though, e.g. giving
better feedback to new developers.

 No argument. But the Twisted code standards are high and usually have a high number of iterations to get any fix in...if we can get out of the stone age of shuffling patch files around and get to some form of push/pull system that would reduce a lot of my heartburn about "do this...OK looks good...now do this too and integrate with ticket XYZ...great almost there...I think you should do this now too...".