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On 04:41 pm, kevin.horn@gmail.com wrote:
>FYI, this totally fails on Windows XP, Py2.6, Twisted 9.0.0...

This is an interesting problem.

easy_install identifies
as some kind of package it can install - maybe a self-extracting zip?  I
don't know - but that's not what it is.  This seems to be because the
name matches the scheme setuptools uses for naming certain kinds of
distribution files.

I think it thinks that it's an executable created using "python setup.py bdist_wininst" or something similar...

We presently are not distributing binary eggs for Windows, so
easy_install isn't likely to be the best installation strategy anyway.

Well, the second thing I do on a new machine (after installing Python of course) is install MinGW and set distutils up to use it as a compiler for Python extensions, so for me it usually works just fine. :)

However, in the general case, I agree that most people won't necessarily have a compiler installed on Windows.
Not entirely related to this discussion (though not entirely unrelated), I think that Twisted's whole release/distribution system needs to be revamped a little. I've been meaning to talk to radix about this, but haven't found the time...maybe this will give me the kick in the pants I needed...

Kevin Horn